Hey, I'm
Christophe Quentel

Diplomat, specialist of crisis management and anticipation
by data analysis and artificial intelligence.

September, 2019


During the next months, I will be one of the students of the brand new
College of Advanced Studies of the Diplomatic Institute (CHEID).

Since 2017

Crisis anticipation

Is it possible to anticipate international crisis thanks to data analysis and artificial intelligence ? My team and I think it's worth the try.


France and Latin America

Rue Buenos Ayres, in Paris

At the head of a wonderful team in charge of strenghtening the relations between Central America, the Caribbean and France.



After the quake

Deputy Head of Mission of the french embassy in Port-au-Prince from 2008 to 2011 - during the multiple crisis provoked by hurricanes, political instability, epidemics and one of the deadliest earthquakes of all time.



Photo by Pedro Szekely

First secretary of the french embassy in Bogota, following the internal conflict and the hostages crisis.



First secretary of the french embassy in Caracas, in charge of political affairs, at the early stages of the venezuelan turnamoil (2002's failed coup, 2003's strikes, 2004's referendum...).


Bridging the digital divide

At the french ministry for Cooperation, bridging the digital divide between North and South through development projects in Africa and the Caribbean.


Education in Africa

In charge of educational, vocational and cultural programs in west african countries (Mali, Burkina, Côte d'Ivoire, Mauritania...) for the french ministry for Cooperation.

And before that...

NGO activist

Remember the 80's ? Ridiculous outfits, but pretty good music. And the birth of professional NGO, fighting for a new definition of the international relations - proud to have been part of this last movement.